Tuesday, June 14, 2005

From Greenhouse Gasses to Oil

The Kyoto Protocol mandated cuts dictate a cut in emissions - not a cut in production - of greenhouse gasses. Some countries are thus planning to collect the CO2 being produced by their industries, and store it under ground.

Citing the experience of Norwegian firm Statoil which has been storing CO2 below the seabed in a gas field, Britain believes doing this could cut upto 85% of emissions from power stations, and wants to help other countries adopt this technology too as and when it is available.

"The move comes as Britain prepares to put climate change issues center stage at next month's G8 Summit at Gleneagles in Scotland."

The technology is expected to be available in a decade. Further pumping in the gasses into depleted oil and gas fields is also likely to increase yield from the fields.

This is a good initiative. While it is not a pure-play clean-green technology, being as far as we are from Utopia we have to cling on to as many logs as we can. Energy efficiency is one. This is another.