Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Follow-up on Friedman's Geo-Green Strategy

Here is an interesting post from TreeHugger, especially when seen as a follow-up to the post on Friedman's Geo-Green Strategy. In that post we looked at Friedman's analysis stating that all the technologies to make the US independent of oil imports are already here and only need implementing.

Well the TreeHugger post points to paper that was released to influence the US Senate's debate on the Energy Bill - to try and get subsidies for renewables instead of for fossil fuels. The paper reiterates the same points that Friedman makes - promote plug-in hybrids and bio-fuels. In addition to these points the paper also mentions improving the mileage of all new vehicles (which in case of Friedman's analysis came in as part of using hybrids).

What is interesting though it the TreeHugger comment in the end: "Of course, nothing here is a solution to the end of oil; if implemented, these things wouldn't give us a sustainable post-oil society, but things would still be better than with the current situation...". I hope this was a casual statement and not based on solid costing.