Sunday, January 30, 2005

Pipeline Politics Update

Pakistan's PM Shaukat Aziz has called on India to raise the trust quotient between the two countries by becoming a part of the pipeline project. Translated into plainspeak does that mean, put a noose around your neck and give me the end, so I know I can trust you?

So how about Pak doing something to raise the trust quotient from its side? MFN status, buying diesel from India (both super saving propositions for the Pak consumers), access to Afghanistan and Central Asia (normal behaviour between civilized societies).
"Let's walk before we run," he said.

Asked by an Indian businessman whether his company could bid for Pakistani infrastructure projects, Mr Aziz said this would not be possible for now.

But if India accepted Pakistan's pipeline offer, relations would be so improved that the "whole gamut of economic relations" could be up for discussion, the prime minister said.