Thursday, January 06, 2005

Flyover in 36 hours - in India!

Using technology that is common place in Texas, an Indian company proposes to complete a long pending flyover in Delhi, in just 36 hours.

Anyone living in a city with flyovers know the nightmarish traffic congestions that result when constructing these structures. As such this new effort sounds like a dream come true for most of us in India used to flyovers taking years to complete. The economics of the deal sound killer too:

Gupta said the concrete used in the prefabricated material was stronger and had a longer life — 50 years against 15. However, it will cost 10 pc more than normal. ‘‘But if you calculate the hours and the fuel lost in the endless traffic congestion during the construction, the ordinary flyovers are more expensive,’’ he said.

Best of all "Whatever the length of a bridge or flyover, the time taken for assembling the prefabricated material would be the same — 36 hours".