Thursday, January 06, 2005

Christmas Bonanza for Infrastructure in Bangalore

Within three days, between Dec 21st and Dec 23rd, Dharam Singh did two of the things Bangalore had be craving for ever since he came into power.

On Dec 21st, the final approvals for the Bangalore Airport finally arrived (of course it remains to be seen whether the March kick-off will be on schedule still). Even if it does, it will only be two months before the Hyderabad airport construction kicks off, and this one was concieved 8 years later.

Then on Dec 23rd, newly Garam, Dharam finally revived the Bangalore Action Task Force. While the work on this group had been widely commended for long, purely political reasons were blamed for the non-revival of this group after the SM Krishna Govt was dissolved. Bangaloreans stuck on the daily jam going to Whitefield will have something to cheer themselves for a while - and probably more people to blame!