Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Simputer making progress

After making it to the field-trials stage (where it still is) with the Indian armed forces as the SATHI (Situational Awareness and Tactical Handheld Information), the Simputer is now making inroads in automobile manufacturing.

When Mahindra & Mahindra recently rolled out their first Euro III variant of Scorpio from its production line, a simputer was used to clear the codes and start the engine for the first time....

Encore Software supplied simputers to M&M to use as a diagnostic tool for its Euro III compliant vehicles.
The device interestingly is aimed at dealers, to enable them to test and monitor engine parameters on the field (not in the workshop), which points to the potential size of the market. The interface (with the Engine Control Unit) software in this case was developed at Mahindra's facility at Nasik.

For the future of the Encore simputer, while the company has approached other automobile players too for similar applications, they are also looking at industries.
Other applications where simputer could be used include micro-banking. The company is working with co-operative banks, ticketing and billing systems, supply chain systems (pilots running currently), data generation and analytical device for ECG units, and diagnostic tools for mining industry.