Friday, March 11, 2005

Alternate Energy is happenning in India...

Wind Power
India is emerging as one of the biggest and fastest growing wind energy producers in the world. In 2004 India added 875 MW of generating capacity, which brings it within striking distance of being the third largest wind energy producer in the world (at 3 GW it is just behind Denmark with 3.117 GW). Germany is doubtless the numero uno in the world with a capacity of 16.6 GW. Government policy in Germany firmly shifts the subsidies in favor of renewable energy producers. Spain has emerged the new number two with 8.2 GW installed capacity, and was also the fastest grower of the year 2004.

Meanwhile, despite the inability of the Indian government to kick-off bio-diesel in a big way in the country, European countries are seeing the competitive advantages offered by the country and are rushing in to procure bio-desel from the country. To get an idea of the opportunity, D1 Oils believes that a, "100,000 hectare jatropha farm would yield revenues of $100m per annum", which translates to $1 million per 1000 hectares. India has 175,000,000 hectares of wasteland - which translates to a potential of $175 billion a year (about 33% of our GDP).