Friday, March 02, 2007

Solar Semiconductor to manufacture PV modules

Solar Semiconductor is setting up a solar PV module manufacturing facility in India. For this facility, they recently purchased a module manufacturing line from P. Energy of Italy.

The line has an annual capacity of 50 MW, and is highly automated. It line can handle both standard and custom module designs. The plant has the option of adding a second line within one year of the completion of installation of the current line.

Gabriele Pettenuzzo, the President of P-Energy expressed, "P.Energy is very proud to start with this first venture in India. This module line will be the most automated PV module assembly line in Asia. In this line we'll install 4 robots in different locations in the line- at lay up, trimming and framing stations. It is also the first time that we are providing a tabber and stringer with the capability of providing two or three bus bars." - Link

Apart from crystalline silicon, the plant will also be able to handle amorphous, BIPV and thin film modules. Kewl!

In many ways this announcement shows the way forward for the Indian solar PV industry. Adhering to world class standards this plant represents a growing competency among solar equipment manufacturers and points to a bleeding-edge technological future for the lot. Solar Semiconductor represents a new generation of solar manufacturers. With offices in California and Hyderabad, it is managed by a group of NRI's with a strong business and technology background. And so also VC funds.